Sunday, September 16, 2012

The End of a Nomad

Got home last night from Missoula and looking forward to not fishing anywhere other than around here for the rest of the season. Although there is nothing like hitting the road and seeing different water, bugs, and dudes...there is no place like home. The road trips have been great this year whether it's been on the MO, Horn, Missoula, and a fe places I shouldn't talk about. Day in, day out though, I think the fishing and the waters within an hour of BA are hard to beat.
The joy of Mcdonalds for breakfast, grocery store chicken for lunch, and Taco Bell for dinner just isnt what it was years ago. Don't know how many more years I'll have in me if I keep my current mid-season diet going. Bet I consumed something like 7000 calories yesterday, 80% of which was fat.
Fished the Bitterroot yesterday and it turned out good by the time we hit the boat ramp, but there were periods where that was uncertain throughout the day. Tricos didnt start until noon and the fish on them were tough. We had another boat barrelling through the runs just ahead of us all afternoon as the guide raced to the mouth of the much coveted water at the mouth of the Mitchell Slough, must have been looking for Hewie. Once we got below hime though, the bit was good and Hecubas were out, bringing plenty of fish to the surface and a size 12 Para Hare's Ear.

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