Tuesday, September 18, 2012


What the fuck? Is that not just one of the most useful modern day expressions in the English language. I find it works for everything from traffic to fish refusals. I probably muttered, thought, or said those three beautiful words 100 times today, truth is that's the case everyday. From when I woke up this morning and went outside in flip flops and 37 degree weather until I drove home and took a wrong turn, there is just something that feels right about saying..."what the fuck." 

As I'm pulling up to the boat ramp today to find another dude already there, I say "what the Fuck?" Run down a hole and miss a fish..."what the Fuck?" Get a little fish on a size 6..."What the Fuck?" Get a bunch of nice fish out of one run and then a couple out of the next..."What the Fuck?" Come around a bend to see an Owl perched on a piece of driftwood at 3pm..."What the Fuck?" My coleman cooler keeps shit cold for 2 days and it only cost $19...actually it was free as I stole it from my wife..."What the Fuck?" 

I learned many years ago from my dad...work hard, do your best, and don't give a fuck what the haters think. What a simple philosophy. Happy belated birthday Dad....I know I know...What the Fuck?


Should Fish More said...

Hah! Yeah, my day, had he known the expression, would have embraced it. It's one, if not the only, of the oft-used acronyms I use. Covers every contingency, eh?

Copper Tom said...

Best Blog Post ever....