Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tools R Fools

Headed south today for a change of scenery and some new's been 5 or 6 days since last there and I was worried I'd forget what it looked like. Nice day on the water, good fish eating worms and fire beads. There were some other folks out today too though, guess I can't blame them as the weather is ridiculously nice right now. I keep waiting for the snow or rain but honestly hope it holds out just like it is right now for 3 more weeks.
I love cold mornings and warm afternoons. I love it when the sun doesn't come up until after 7. I kinda like wearing waders, make me feel like a real guide. Waders are a funny's their significance in the minds of some anglers that makes them a funny thing. I can not, for the life of me, comprehend why the ff world seems to think waders are a critical part of an angler's gear. We've been getting wet since we climbed out of the primordial ooze. The best wader ever would be a disposable, biodegradable condom like suit that you stepped into and rolled it on up. Buy a 3 pack for $9.99. I guided some folks several years ago on their first fly fishing trip, they showed up with the latest Zip-Up waders and boots each (both setups in the $900) range and some cheap ass junk rod and reels. They said they thought good waders would be more important than a decent rod or reel or line. So they could wade comfortably in 68 degree water all day long but couldn't cast a nymph rig or big dry 30 feet and when they did...the line sank...priorities, man. Don't be that guy.
I need a rod, line, reel is helpful, flies, tippet, leader, and a bobber, maybe some split shot too in order to catch fish. I categorize this as essentials and waders as an accessory. Sorry dudes, waders aren't that important and if you think you can't catch fish without waders when its 25 out...learn to cast further. How did I end up here? Oh, I like waders, just don't need them. I can go fishing without waders, but not without a rod.
I must be approaching the burnout phase of the year as I think more about fishing than garments and think that you are a tool if you think garments are more important than a fishing rod. Plenty of tools around, not enough fisher folks.


rimcMT said...

Waders are more important to someone who spent the last 15 years in Texas instead of Montana. It's hard to cast or even give a dang if the fish eats your fly when you are shivering uncontrollably. Adapt or die.

Toby Swank said...

I like waders, think they are great. I just don't think that they deserve the consideration and attention that todays fly fishing world devotes to them. It's a product destined to fail and has never made a shitty fisherman a better angler. I have adapted, but resistance in not futile.

rimcTX said...

Referring to the ultimate authority: the latest Orvis catalog - I counted pages for these categories:

Rods 22/120 = 18.3%
Waders&Boots 14/120 = 11.7%
Reels 9/120 = 7.5%
Lines 9/120 = 7.5%

So it seems Orvis agrees with you that a rod is most important.

Toby Swank said...

You need to be fishing more! I know you agree with me here...just give in and admit it!