Thursday, October 25, 2012


Trying to get the kid out the house to school this morning and enjoying the sights and sounds of winter.  Fall and winter are my favorite times of year...I guess that's a lie...I like them all, but for this dude for Texass, snow is always refreshingly cool in my eyes-especially early on in the dark season.
Sounds like the dry fly fishing up on the MO has been just this side of out of this world the last couple of weeks on cloudy days free of wind. Fish are up on the Madison in the park, so are people. LAG is seeing some biggies too, people too. The Bighorn sounds like it's been fishing well, probably people too, but maybe not so bad.
I know the lower Madison and Gallatin have both been good around here. I guess the fish are liking this weather that's less like summer and more like fishin' weather too. Hoping to do some fishin' myself this weekend

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