Friday, October 26, 2012

Not good

Awoke this morning to a casual cup of coffee, ready to do some website work. It appears to be down, make some calls, try a restore...all gone. Hacked and deleted, backups too...awesomesauce.


Joshua Bergan said...

The shop's website? Holy crap. Sorry, man.

rimcMT said...

My Firefox session locked up when I tried to access it - bummer.

You need two types of backup:
1) Convenient online.

2) Inconvenient offline. Ideally inaccessible and offsite in a safe. In case of fire, earthquake, SMOD, etc.

Never trust the cloud.

Toby Swank said...

There may just be a glitch in the CMS...have to wait until the sun comes up in Australia to know for sure! Sounds like a very good excuse for me to leave town and go stand in water for a day or two!

John. said...

My heartfelt commiserations, can imagine how you must feel!

On the strength of your blog, just made sure that we have an off-site back-up of our site; thanks for the warning, but no consolation to you.

Really hope it all turns up in Oz.