Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am still going to complain about getting too old for this crap - even though there are many out there that will offer me no mercy and are far older than I - this fishin' is hard work. Most of the year, I spend my days watching, coaching, heckling, and shakin' my head at the various anglers I encounter throughout the day or in my boat. They make it seem - sometimes - that it's a lot harder than it should be...the fishing thing that is. Although I get to fish way more than the average Joe Fly dude, it's rare that I really get after it pretty hard for a couple days. My typical day off usually involves lots of camera time and a few fish here and there.
So, This past weekend and yesterday were really great for me as I spent the majority of the time just fishing. Sure, I took some photos, but my focus was much more on getting a line wet and putting a bend in the rod. I always appreciate my time on the water (when the weather is nice, the fish are eating, and the people I am with are great to be with) but it felt really good to be in the water, chuckin' junk and sticking fish yesterday. It's been a while since I've felt like I've put a good ol' fashioned beat down on some fish, myself and it felt real good to do that yesterday. I'm still kind of buzzed about it, my elbow hurts from casting, mending, and fighting fish but somehow it doesn't bother me as much today as it does after rowing 2 big dudes in a 30mph upriver breeze!
Once again, I like my job and love the life of being obsessed with squirmy things that live in cold, clean water.

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