Friday, November 02, 2012


Getting back to normal now that the web is back up and running. Normal, this time of year involves looking at numbers and ordering for 2013. Part of that process involves meeting with sales reps, an inevitable side product of which is that I occasionally jump on the local/regional rumor mill for a little gossip ride.

The last year has been full of interesting tidbits of angry sentiment rumors of a changing retail landscape throughout the region. A couple things that I am excited about for a lot of reasons is the relocation of Simms to 4-corners...think that they are moving in this weekend. The other cool thing is that the Rivers Edge is planning on opening a new, second fly shop across the street from them sometime in early 2013. Both are good moves for 4-corners as they should help draw more folks out to the area which should benefit our business as well. I like both of these entities quite a bit at a personal level and truly do wish nothing but the best in their grand new moves.

On a side note, I do think that the Bozeman fly shop representation is kind of Super-Saturated right now, like straight up crystallized. Maybe someone else will open another shop downtown, there isn't a shop on the south side yet, Gateway is just begging for a fly shop, what about Belgrade, the opportunities are endless when dreams are involved. Hell, with all the freed up pot money available now, who knows what the potential is...a fly shop on every the dream...take out a a website...there is money to be made and dreams to be lived! Or maybe, one day, there will only be 3 or 4 but my guess is that there will be 7 before there are 4.

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