Thursday, November 08, 2012


Fishing on the mind once again, despite the bitter cold that has descended upon us here in SW Montana, and I am greatly looking forward to getting the feet wet and toenails sandy next week. Partially because it is cold as hell here and partially because I really, really dig fly-fishing and need to do more of it. If I go a week or so without being on or in the water, it feels like it's been months, even years.
I have only fished for Redfish a few times, never with a fly, maybe once but never really is more the truth than not. Some of my earlier and fond memories include a trip to South Padre with a friend durign which we hammered some Reds on shrimp and popping corks. I remember his dad handing me an Abu Garcia bait-casting reel to cast into a brutal wind with a gob of shrimp, maybe sheep brain, about 4 feet below a 12" cork. Although I do remember catching some big fish that day, I also remember the backlash I put in the line as being somewhere near "epic."
We head out on Monday, just in time for a much needed break from the 3 days of winter we should have had by then.

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Should Fish More said...

I spent part of last winter in Pt. Mansfield, TX, inshore from Padre Is. I used a 6wt, and caught both redfish and sea (speckled) trout. It wasn't primarily a fishing trip, but I used the same streamers I'd used for browns that fall on the big hole. Did fine, and the 6wt was ok except when the wind picked up a lot.
Good luck.