Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Not much to report as of late thanks to the blistering cold weather and buckets of snow last week. I cold go on and on about new products and what not, but honesly, just not in the mood. What I am in the mood for though is getting on the water tomorrow and looking for Redfish.
A few of the guys from the shop and I made it to Houston last night, headed down towards Freeport  and spent today pretty much being lazy as it's windier than shit and we have no idea WTF we are doing anyway. We're driving to Rockport in the morning to hopefully fish with some dudes that do know WTF they are doing.
Beautiful sunrise today and got to take a few pics of Steven playing in the surf. Saw dolphins, penguins, and shark teeth today. Ate some awesome Gumbo (twice) and heaping pile of fried fish and home fries. Not a bad day in the final analysis!

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