Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am prettty much done with ordering junk for next year as of this morning! Not that the worl really gives a crap...but it is a HUGE load of the proverbial back. Now I have to do all the outfitter paperwork crap, but it's manageable. Not to worry, I should be in the mood to gripe about FWP and the MT Dept. of Labor before Christmas.
In the meantime...the lower has been very dirty the last week or two. We'll blame it on a poor reservoir/dam engineering coupled with too many ducks digging around Ennis Lake. If it ever freezes, this will get better. Sounds like the Gallatin has been alright though. Sounds like I need to go fishing. Hearing good things about the upper Madison, Big Horn, and the Missouri.
I'd like to get over to the Bighorn but don't see that in my immediate or near future thanks to the upcoming Christmas Stroll and Nutcracker in town on Saturday night. I haven't fished since Texas a couple weeks ago, but it feels like it's been months. 'Tis the season for being responsible and a good family man.

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