Monday, December 03, 2012


The weather has been mild, but windy as of late. I felt inspired to go fish this weekend but 50 mph winds talked me out of it early Sunday morning. As the family and I have all been feeling a bit under the weather, it was probably a good decision. So, instead the weekend was spent trying organize my "man cave" arguing with my wife about where the Christmas tree should go, and frolicking downtown with the family during the Christmas Stroll followed by a showing of the Nutcracker.
Yesterday was more of the same with the exception that I decided that I've made my point about Costco being an evil empire and have decided to remove them from my ban of places that I'll never go in again.
Hoping for some stable, mild weather this weekend and a couple days on the Bighorn.

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Anonymous said...

take the family up to moonlight for a couple of days to get away!