Thursday, December 06, 2012


Snow finally arrived once again this afternoon and they're calling for some decent amounts of it in the mountains over the next week. I know we need it and the ski hills probably more than anyone right now. The only time I don't like snow anymore is when I have to get it out of my boat at a carwash...I like it the rest of the time. Good for the rivers, water tables, ski hills, and my dogs like it too. Hope it sticks around for awhile.
I was shooting for the Bighorn this weekend which looks like it is going to be the only miserable weather of the winter...perfect for me. So, I think it will be a quick trip to the Upper on Saturday unless it just gets too cold. I need to go fish and take some photos or I'm going to go stir crazy. Can only look at web code BS so much before the 'noggin starts to tweak out.
I think I had the first round of the beginnings of passing a kidney stone this morning. Unbelievably painful cramps nastiness in my lower back that literally had me flopping around my bedroom this morning. Good times and I'll keep that you all in the loop...maybe even have my wife video the next session.

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Anonymous said...

that is not a kidney stone. it is a bad cheese curd.