Wednesday, January 02, 2013


January 2nd already? The New Year is flying by already.
It was cold as ^%$& this morning, so cold in fact that I thought I'd stop and take a pic of the Gally at 4-corners with the frost in the trees and mist in the air...with ice chunks everywhere too. But, there was someone parked at the bridge putting waders and a rod together and rather than gawk at the insanity...I drove on. Maybe someone was going to take pictures or something as I can't see how anyone smart enough to get their waders on the correct legs and tie their shoes would be heading out at 9 this morning. The temp was -3 at the time. So, you got no pic today but only the thought of what might have been!
Hearing reports of the Gallatin fishing very well near Big Sky since that ice jam broke loose a couple of weeks ago. Also, hearing that people are seeing lots of dead fish up there too. I'm sure FWP is on it though, so don't worry. I doubt that it has anything to do with anything that they'd be able to fix anyway...but inquiring minds still want to know...why so many dead fish?

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