Friday, January 04, 2013


Glad that the Holidays are over, seems like I'm way behind on everything and I only took a few days off! We've been getting slammed with new fly tying stuff the last few days. I have no idea who the hell comes up with all this crazy stuff that is all just a titch of a ticth different than everything else! But, trying to get used to our new POS program makes this processing even the most mundane order a challenge. Definitely the time of year where the glory of being in the fly fishing biz seems more like a normal job than the "dream." Oh, what am I complaining about? It's pretty damn cool, and now I get to be cool while looking at Ice Dubbing in 32 colors and 14 different varieties.
But, I also get to spend over 200 days a year or so on the the water in one form or another...just need to get #1 taken care of 2013!

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