Sunday, January 06, 2013


Skiing today with the family during which the weather was actually nice enough even for my puss self to be on the water. Been having a great time skiing with my 5 year old the last few weeks, watching him progress from pizza pie king to more of a true aficionado of the improved snow plow maneuver.

Still - as riding up the chairlift and trying to explain to him why girls sometimes throw their bras and panties into trees - I thought about fishing a little off and on too. I've been Jonesing to go but the combo of weather, work, family, and a little one out of school for what seems like weeks now has made it a difficult move to execute.

What I decided is that I can't wait for the BWO and spawning Rainbows of April. I look forward to getting after it every year as though my existence depends on getting my feet wet. However, there are many times later in the summer when the fishing is great, weather is awesome, and I would give anything for a nice lazy ride up a chairlift with my son.

So, I guess the point of today's lesson is one of my all time favorites passed down to me by some crazy drunk somewhere many moons ago.
If you have one foot in tomorrow, one foot in're just shitting and pissing all over today.

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rimcMT said...

Nice day on the Mo today. Disco midges from last month's Tuesday Tie were working good. Thanks !