Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Back to the grind of fly-shop-topia today and the seemingly never ending battle of not being behind on everything. Probably a good thing that I'm not going on any crazy trips the next couple of months as there is always something.
I'm working on our Patagonia order for next fall right now...that just doesn't seem logical when you stop to think about it. Am I the only one that understands what JIT means? How about that whole flattening of the world and that wondrous invention called air transport. 24 hour labor pools from a couple of populations with over 2 billion people? Why does it take 6 mos lead time to get a shirt made in Bangladesh delivered to Bozeman? There is a competitive advantage just waiting for someone in that statement. Taxes go up, cost of goods go up, suddenly offshore isnt as cheap as it used to be relative to onshore production. Too bad they shut down all the textile epicenters here in the US...I have room in the basement...
It's been one of those days where I have a lot to do and ended up spending over an hour of my day blabbing about the Durville in NZ with different people headed that way. I hope it's dried up! Ok, maybe I'm a little bitter about not going to NZ. Why does that place haunt me? Let it go I say...Bonefish are fun too. That's a lie...trout fishing in NZ is the better than everything else. Have your poon, permitt, bass, Atlantic Salmon, spawning bows, and whatever...give me 6 miles of loneliness along a clear river and endless vistas with a remote chance in hell of catching one if its inhabitants.

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