Monday, January 21, 2013


Made it home this afternoon after a relatively uneventful morning during which we caught some fish and were warmer than expected. Even lived on the dark side for a spell with very little guilt. I Tenkara Timmy'd it up and find myself really embracing this twist on the sport, not so much for it's effectiveness or the fact that it gives me Ninja-like stealth moves in the river, but just 'cuz it's fun.
The trip to the horn was a welcome break for me and put my brain back in chill mode, am sure that will change again soon...but it was nice. Always have a great time with Swanny. We actually had such a good time being miserable outside yesterday that we stayed on the river instead of watching the first football game. Watched the redrum boys from the hood tear it up in the second game though to my delight.
Perhaps the most interesting things that happened yesterday to me - besides the spiritual comfort gained from having cold animals wiggle in my hand - was the introduction to Honey Boo Boo and her 6 fingered cousin. The Brazilian Butt Lift infomercial also had some appeal...I was in Ft. Smith on a Sunday night...come on man.

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