Sunday, January 20, 2013

day before mlk day

Awoke this morning to a much brisker outside than what we had planned least me anyway! I think there were more folks smarter than us as we pulled into 3 mile with only one other rig. Things got colder as the morning went, but fish were eating midge pupas well enough, geese were in the air, and the sound of moving water all came together to make for a great day.
I stuck to the Tenkara Yamame today as I didn\'t feel like messing with frozen crap. I think today was the most that I have fished with that rod to date and I really liked it for what was basically western nymphing with aTenkara rod. It\'s lighter than the Amago and I felt like I put the wood to the fish on the hookset much quicker with it as well. Most of the fish in the river are 14-16" right now and just perfect for Tenkara.
The river is low, there are lots of fungus browns around and plenty of fish still spawning. Not much in the way of bugs on the water, but the hungry fished liked midges more so than eggy stuff.

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I kind of feel like you are cheating on me....