Sunday, March 03, 2013


Winter weather today called for a trip to the ski hill instead of the river once again. I was tempted to go into the shop just so that I could sell licenses for a few hours to work on my patience and tolerance. But I have a 5 year old for that!
Things have been hectic the last few weeks with the remodel, computer stuff, and even in the ol' personal life. Seems like the ground is getting more solid though and the days are getting long enough to make them feel more like fishing days than sleeping days. Spring is pretty much here I guess, or spring break is next week at least.
Lots of shop time this week, finishing up orders for the 2013 season and working on getting everything put back together. Time to start to look for a couple of new employees for the season too. Much to do in 4 days as we head to the Dominican Republic for spring break with the family next Friday. Looking forward to the trip, but fishing is not looking too promising. Will practice my beached whale routine instead.

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