Tuesday, March 05, 2013


The shop is coming together nicely now, a few weeks from being back together. We have a ton of new stuff coming in over the next few weeks and its been a mad rush to get caught up, keep up, and ready for things to come. Turns out that it was a good thing that I never did pull the trigger on NZ this winter!

We got some more H2's in the last couple of weeks and I have to say that I have been diggin' on the 10' 4 wt. It's light and fast, perfect little junk and tailwater junk rod, probably not so great for big junk in big water. It would be my go to if I were a dedicated Gallatin or Upper Murderson wade angler.
10' ers have not really done it for me - thought they have become very popular - the last few years.

Although my angling soul thinks of itself as a streamer or dry kind of guy, the reality is I am Mr. Bobber. The 10'ers I've played with up until now have all been kind of dumpy feeling, heavy, and just not what I'm wanting in a primary or even secondary rod. I get the extra mending benefit, but most people can learn to mend well enough with a 9'. The extra length becomes a pain in the wind and it less responsive when quick casts are called for when floating the more wild freestones around here. Sure, they're great for long drifts through monotonous water, but a 9' is too. So, this 4 wt has really impressed me as its light and fast with the backbone you'd expect to find in a heavier rod. Time will tell, but I likey at this stage.

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