Thursday, March 07, 2013


One of the side effects of a long winter for me is that much like an old grizzly bear, I tend to gorge myself in the fall - but the hibernation never really kicks in. So, most winter see me on teh elliptical at the gym 6 days a week in a hurried attempt to get down to "fighting weight" for miles of hiking in NZ. Well, this winter has been different and suddenly it's spring break. Instead of a gym membership, I decided to buy an elliptical last fall. That ugly steel demon has been sitting in my basement for months with very few visits. I started hitting it a couple of days ago in a desperate attempt to transform my body type from that of a Walrus to something more on the lines of a Bull Fur the Dominican I go with my best Walrus suit. Salt and Vinegar Chips, Fried Conch Fritters, and hopefully pounds of fried fish await me. I'll workout when I get back.
The glitter boat is ice free, bearings greased, it will be time.

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