Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Spring is in the air around here and with that comes the return of the familiar to the shop and the rivers. BWO hatches are out on the lower, the stone, and the spring creeks. Rumors of FWP cracking down on the pegged egg rig wherever Rainbow trout spawn are circulating too. Guides returning from their seasons abroad are poppin' into the shop everyday now. New gear, clothes, and what nots greets us everyday as the Brown Truck stops become more frequent.
4-Corners is changing too as the Rivers Edge works around the clock to open soon next to the new Simms HQ. The Town Pump out here is now possibly the largest gas station I've ever been in...I bet there corn dog selection is off the hook! The road construction is done for the most part.
It's a brave new world out there this morning and I'm sure glad as hell that I am a fisherman!

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