Thursday, April 25, 2013


Back home from the MO for a few days, head back up there on Monday. This week was a great time, but the fishing was a little off of what I had expected. I think it mostly had to do with the fact that the weather had been winter cold over the past weekend and really didnt warm up too much until yesterday afternoon. Along with the change in temps came a change in the ol' barometer from low to high, which coupled with low water and blue skies this time of year can always make for some more challenges. Add a steady 15 mph wind with gusts to 30, a bunch of mid-spawn fish and a lack of bugs moving around and the excuses are plenty. And on top of that, throw in a couple of anglers and a guide (me) that wanted to stick with streamers instead of nymphing and the picture should be crystal clear.

Not too bad overall though as the group had a great time, we did get some sunshine and enough fish to make it all work out just fine.

Streamers of effectiveness included the gold kreelux thing and silver skidish smolt. Little bugs were PT LGM and fire beads. Got some fish to eat tung pt dropped off a big para HE while condtions were good late yesterday afternoon.

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