Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Been up on the Missouri now for a couple of days and the weather has been shit. Not ok, not kind of good, no...it has been shit. That said, we did manage some good dry fishing on BWOs yesterday with frozen guides for most of the hatch. Went down low today, just to get it out of my system, and was reminded once again that the streamer bite on the Mo tends to be either on or off. It was mostly off today, but kind of on later in the day once the weather became ok instead of shit.
Water levels are low, lots of BWOs around have seen a few March Browns. Looking forward to the next couple of days as the weather should be much nicer and I\'m sure the bite will be right and tight.
The day had its adventures though, some may say there were even some moments during which comparisons to TSA trips of days gone by were noticed. I also was reminded of stupid things people can do with a fly and a sinking line plus, as a bonus, I also got to witness the bizarre skills involved with wrapping a fly around my oars...several times. I was reminded that there is difference between making a good cast and be able to cast well. I was also reminded of the fact that I have a very, very cool job and that spending the day with some fun guys while fishing in Montana is actually a very fun way to earn a living!

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Anonymous said...

TSA is not an event. TSA is not a memory of days gone by. TSA is not something that can be planned or avoided. TSA is a way of life. Live it, embrace it, share it.