Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Had an unusually slow start to the day today...mostly looking at the weather and trying to decide where the wind was not going to be blowing as bad. So headed there and made a good day out of it.
Once the boat hit the water, we had some issues...mainly not really fishing but more like going down the river a little while, making a cast, and then losing both double nymph rigs instantly. That went on for awhile and my insides were getting wobbly as I started to look ahead to just how far we had to go today. But, the anglers got their poop in a group and started to fish the water rather than the shrubbery and rocks and we found some fish for most of the day.
Took a young sixtish lady out today for her first time fly fishing and it was a hoot. One of those things that I probably wont get enough of by the time I no longer can row a boat. Hoots that is.
I will be off the grid for a few days, back Sunday night so enjoy the prime waters of right now, Salmonflies, and the beauty of being a human being in Southwest Montana!

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