Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I think my arms have recovered enough from yesterday's blow fest on the upper Madison to allow me to type a few words. First off...bugs were up around Story and I'm sure that they were eating them up above by today pretty well. Wind...who cares...its just part of the deal.  Have fun. For the more sane folks, bugs started showing good on the Yellowstone today...much friendlier show over there but yes it can be windy too.

Had a great time with a dear chap yesterday with a good rise for about an hour and then the wind went from nothing to a whole lot something. 10 miles later, 14 more dings on the chines, and a dead charger on the e-cig battery made for an exhausting day but one that I'll recall all year.

Got one fish yesterday out of a heavy brush pile that jumped, looped, and twirled around a branch that was about 6 branches deep into the brush pile. Was pretty cool too watch play out and then the SOB made it to my net 1/2 a mile later!

I had the opportunity to say "up ahead" about 6 times in a row between casts and then finish every third statement with one of my all time favorites..."fuck." Such a useful term that can work for everything from "bad luck" to "way to screw that one up." But in the end, some beautiful scenery this time of year up there, a few nice fish on dries, and a good night's sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Very restrained Toby!!

'The dear chap'!