Tuesday, July 09, 2013


The upper has more water in it now and the reports from our guides has been very good the last couple of days. With the Yellowstone being blown and the pulse flows on the lower being the way they are, it has been the best bet in terms of big rivers. The stone is coming back around with about 2 feet of viz up high late this afternoon so its tough to say for sure, but should be ok tomorrow and get better. The Gallatin has been dirty the last two days as well, but that plug seems to be making its way through pretty quickly.
As for me, wrapped up some big projects today, entertained a few tourons in the shop...people that want to know where they camp under a tree, people that want to share their unique angling experiences from their hometown, they want to know what snow fences are and where we store the snow in the summertime. Fortunatley, they usually buy a few flies and a map too.
I'm off to Vegas in the morning to attend the big fishing trade show, be back Thursday night. Should be interesting as I beg for silver lightning bugs and chubby chernobyls. I hope to run into Jimmy Houston and give him a noogie!

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