Friday, July 12, 2013


So much to tell the world about. I guess the most interesting of these things would be that the Yellowstone is fishing well, we had several fish eating chubby c's today. Nymphing with stonefly nymphs was probably the best, but we got a couple to eat some gongas and several to eat big dries too. Nothing very big, but enough of a grab to keep it all fun throughout the day. Photo via iphone and out of focus 'cuz I suck!
I was in Vegas attending the IFTD/ICAST show the last two days and thought it was worth the trip. Didn't see a lot of amazing new products, but there were some nice improvements on some things and new things here and there. The best part was probably the face time with many of the vendors that I only talk to on the phone or through their sales reps.
I learned a couple of things that are kind of problematic in terms of business planning. Flies will continue to be hard to get for awhile, perhaps even a couple of years. Fly tying feathers will continue to be hard to find as well. Overall, there was a great vibe and lots of enthusiasm about the industry and fly fishing in general. It was good to see so many old faces continuing to live the dream!
I saw, in person, Jimmy MFN Houston and Bill Dance in the span of about 3 minutes. Jimmy was one of my childhood idols and planted the seed in my head that there was a way to fish professionally. I was honest to God too nervous to even approach him as I thought I'd end up gushing on and on eventually ending in tears of gratitude for all he has done for fishing.
Also, the new rod from Scott, Radian, was released and one best of show in its class. I got one a couple weeks ago and it really is a super sweet high performance rod that looks awesome and casts even nicer. We should have some in by August

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