Sunday, July 28, 2013


I am so close to a rant for the ages, but alas I have no Ambien so common sense prevails. Lunesta sucks.
How can you be fishy if you don't fish. How can you sell a rod if you don't use one. How can you sell hackle if you don't know what it's used for. How can you be fishing guide and real estate agent? Why would you nymph up above Yankee Jim this time of year? Why cant you load your boat and then pull away from the boat ramp? Why listen to music while floating down the river? Why fish a weed infested cesspool when you've got non-weed infested water? Why don't inner tubers have to pay to use FWP and BLM fishing access sites? Why would you ever wear waders in SW Montana right now? How can you fish 30 days a year for 15 year and have no idea where a fish might live? Who ever taught someone to cast a fly rod by doing full waist bends forward and backward? Why would you ever use a sinking leader with an indicator? Why do whitefish stink so bad? Why don't trout die at 72 degrees like they taught me in school? Who the hell ever decided that Carp are a beautiful game fish for SW Montana? Was that a dead Bullhead or Channel Cat on the Yellowstone yesterday? Did that baby Cliff Swallow I rescued end up making it or not? Is the Bull River worth a 7 hour drive? Will I ever actually get bit by a Rattlesnake? Will True Blood ever end? Fantasy Football should start soon? Do I really want to catch that fish that requires 6.5X tippet? What does "pause" mean? How about "lift your rod tip"? How about "left or right"? And no, the river does not run in a circle, those are not used for deep space satellite communication...they are snow fences! Yes, that hook in the fish's face hurts it...that's why it jumps around all crazy like! After what I've seen end up on the other end of a fly line so many times this year...there is no doubt about the existence of a Greater Power. I have witnessed fat, white men desecrate the sport I love...and I want to see it again!
Fishing today was ok with the exception being low water and gear chuckin' Googans around ever bend. Tenkara Timmy was in the house, A-teamers were not. Rainbow trout can be very stupid somedays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Old Boy,

Even Wikipedia says it all: 'Eszopiclone is slightly effective in the treatment of insomnia where difficulty in falling asleep is the primary complaint. The benefit over placebo is of questionable clinical significance.' It's not even licensed in the UK!

Thank goodness for your lack of Ambien however, I wouldn't like to have been on the receiving end of a full-blown rant.

Aren't we clients irritating, but you love us really! Just wish I was there to add to your material.

Best, J.

rimcMT said...

You wear waders now because:
A) The bugs are really bad
B) The rain coming out of that thunderstorm is really cold.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back.....

mtbadfish said...

love the rants, always enjoy your posts. I've frequented your shop for many years, I think you even made the comment to me "thats its good to see you young hippy kids grow up a little bit", but shame on me, on occasion I have a radio on my boat! keep up the good work! Some day I might have to leave the real world of my manufacturing job, and bug you for one!