Sunday, August 11, 2013


Last few days have been filled with good times, plenty of fish, and enjoying some awesome SW Montana summer time weather. August always seems to be a great time here around Bozeman as the days are starting to get shorter and the nights are cooler which all leads to good water temps on our bigger rivers. Mornings fish better, but everything tends to fish better by now than say late July, especially during years like this where water levels are low. The only odd thing this year has been the lack of a consistent hopper bite.
We wrecked the fish the day before yesterday, yesterday turned out to be good with nymphs, and today sucked but I'll put that on the wind and the fact that we were on the upper. The other two days were not on the upper.
Best part of the last few days has been getting to hit the water hard with people I've known for many years. I don't know if it s the familiarity or e-cigs, but the days just aren's as stressful as they once were. If the fish are hungry, we get them to eat and if they aren't we find other stuff to stay amused...things like stories of the old days, a little taunting here and there, dropping the f-bomb at inappropriate times, and taking in the incredible sights and sounds of Montana.

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