Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It was cold this morning, truck said 42 when we put in and 88 when we took out...kind of hard to plan for that kind of swing. Its starting to feel a little like fall around here though with lots of deer grunting and snorting in the woods, ducks are flying around, and there are a tom of Doves around too. Seems like the water is doing well overall and I dare to say that I think the worst is behind us.
Fish have gotten into a routine of eating well in the mornings and early afternoon, but slow down as the day gets longer. At least the fish that I've been getting are doing that which makes me wonder why the hell am I on the water past 3?
Today was pretty epic in terms of numbers of trout caught and we even got into some browns after I finished explaining why we hadn't caught in Browns today. Hot, clear, calm sucks for mid-summer browns and then wham wham wham. Pete hooked the rope on the fron of my raft about 30 times this afternoon but that was after he took two Vicodin and I was into $24 worth of e-cigs for the day...we'd caught enough fish so it was alright, just hot and tired of climbing around the boat unhooking worms from rope. Sparkle boat tomorrow and I think we are going for 100 whitefish in Paradise Valley

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