Tuesday, August 13, 2013


And another day gone by that started much like the last one with me walking in and out of my garage 17 times in 3 minutes, carting handfuls of shit to and fro the boat. Coffee is awesome, e-cigs are awesome, the sunrise is usually pretty awesome too. I could go for a 10am outing though.
Headed east towards North Dakota, hoping to find some fish eating hoppers for a change. Nope, rubber legs were still the deal with nary a lookie loo at any hopper shit I had. Fish were up on Tricos again today too but that wasn't happening in my boat. Fish on Tricos on the Yellowstone are always tough unless you can find them on the edges of riffles in skinny, broken water. I've been finding them in the tailouts which is usually tough as they go down right away once the anchor is dropped.
Lots of floating weeds, but not so bad that nymphing was too hard. A couple of things that I've noticed as of late is that I'm getting most of the fish in 2-4 feet of fast water and fishing inside out around corners and drop-offs. So, instead of fishing back toward the run from river middle, I'm sliding into the skinny bank stuff and fishing the slow side of a fast seam. No weight, two Pats Rubberlegs.
Saw a nice-sized dead deer today too.

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