Monday, August 19, 2013


One of those days today during which there just wasn't enough nicotine available to keep the mojo going on the Bighorn. Fished down to Mallards and it sucked, save a handful of little sneaky spots, the mid-river fish were not eating our shit. Every color and flavor of sowbug, worm, PMD nymph, little black thing, Pseudo, Cranefly, caddis pupa, and Yellow Sally nymph. Minimal risers all day and ye ol' stomach pump yielded a mixed bag of trout food. Weird day...kind of day that makes me think I might be able to pick up golf or racket sports.
That said, we had a great time yacking it up and staring in amazement at little red balls floating unmolested down mile after mile of water. Come to think of it, kind of like the upper Madison but not as pretty and we still caught more fish than a good day on the upper - but many miles and miles of nothingness. Hardly any weeds though!

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