Thursday, August 15, 2013

wow, time for bed

Oh I should not do this! 45 minutes into a A-Fest so here we go. Small businesses like our shop, FIns & Feathers, rock for everyone from Mr. Real Deal to the biggest Touron family in town this summer. Sure,  we've got a lot of cool gear which will help make the time on the water more fun and successful, but reality what we have is a passion for the sport, the environment, and having a good time on the water. We tend to be pretty good at passing off some expert advise and it honestly is one of the funnest part of the job. There are no absolutes in the FF World with the exception being a good presentation really helps with catching a fish! A dead drift usually works well too, I'll never understand what folks find so difficult about not messing with the line once its on the water. By the way,,,it is never good form to whack the backside oar when making a forward cast from the seated position in a drift boat. Also, it never hurts to set the hook and let fish run, however, letting them run behind the boat and into the anchor is typically bad form.
Things I am most excited about right now include all the new people we've met in the shop this year! It has been awesome and I know that we've all really liked getting to know so many new anglers here in BA. The H2 rods from Orvis are DYNOMITE...cast them fish will love them. The new Scott Radian is a whole nother line of badass rods made here in the USA. I matched mine with a Hatch 4+ and a rio Gold WF is fantastic heavy hopper rod and nymphing Cadillac. The H2 is paired with a MIrage III and rios' newest hi pert line "Perception". This is the one for quick hookups on long nymph rigs and long dry fly presentations. Its is a line that blows me away every time I use it---gamechanger. We still have some flies, which is not the case for everywhere in town and the most exciting part of that is realizing that there are all kinds of flies that actually work really well when you know what the hell you're doing. Dr. SLick Split shot clamps, the new hemp-holster from the dude at Thingamabobber. Sick Sick packs for boats and fishing, almost need one of everything at times. Fantom nets from Brodin...same badass Brodin wood with a cheaper version of the Ghost Net. Fly Agra is a grand invention too. Patagonia wet wading pants are the most durable, comfortable, and easiest to take care of that ive ever own and i am not a clean person!
I am so lucky to be able to fish as much as any married man with children should be allowed. Theres always another crazy TSA in the works and my bucket list is getting smaller and smaller. Need to do Atlantic Salmon in Russia, Tiera Del Fuego Browns, another trip to Alaska, GT on the fly, more Permit, False Albacores, Peacock Bass, The Green River, Back to Houston for a week and then just focus on making sure the two Toby Jr.s get their chance at setting some hooks,

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