Sunday, September 08, 2013


Crazy day today involved clean water at 350, dirty at Big Timber. Drive back up to Grey Bear...clean water. Throw streamers, miss a couple, no worries as we can nymph later. Later ends up being where a huge plug of mud is coming in form a creek about 3 feet wide, but blowing the whole river out. So, rowed 8 miles or so, walked up the Boulder a bit, couple of looker no takers. Shuttle calls to let me know all is good, car at ramp. Load up head up to Livingston and float through town with 20-30mph wind, but clean water. Nymphed and got some trout on rubber legs. Was actually pretty good considering the wind and time of day. Tired...watching Cowboys junk it up and looking forward to going to bed. Feels like fall out there right now.

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