Monday, September 09, 2013


The lower was a bit busier today with the dirty water rumors swirling around about the Yellowstone and some cooler weather too. The bite was alright, not stellar, not stupid, not epic dude...just OK. Good news was that we did land one very nice brown that was all colored up in its fall glory.
The bite has been a little slower the last week over there which is counter-intuitive as the conditions are improving, more bugs are around, and the weeds aren't too bad. My theory in that the fish are eating the crap put of those nasty little black flies which are a tiny true fly bug. They emerge like a caddis from a pupa, so they swim very quickly up through the water surface. You can get 'em in the buckets with two little bugs but that makes the skinny water tougher, so I opt for the sculpin/crawdad with something behind them so I can fish the skinny stuff and the buckets.
What else worth mentioning today? Had a great time with some great ladies, lots of laughs and enjoyed the hell out of the nice weather. Shuttle driver Bob was late on the takeout. I saw guides I've never seen before on the water and a lot of guides that I haven't seen in months

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