Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Started off the day with the reminder of what happened this day in 2000, while sitting in the drive through line at Mcdonalds at 6:15...the same on that I sat in line at tonight at 7:30 BTW. Feelings of sorrow for the events of that day and all the innocence that was lost. However, I am so glad to be an American and thankful for all those folks out there that fight to keep me immersed in a life of liberty.
Floated way over there today and had a good day, despite my ignorance. Lost a couple good fish, landed a good number of ok fish and a few good fish too. Solitude, with the exception of a couple of other guide boats that I'd be happy to share an river with anyway. Zonkers and orange can it get any better I ask? A couple of great ladies to share my boat with laughing, yelling, and taunting each other made it for just about a perfect day in my book.
Off to the nether lands of BFE for the next few days in search of piscatorial nirvana (which actually is right here in Bozeman but I like to think it is someplace else, knowing that it is not. The truth is that things are fishing well here, there seems to be less people around, the weather is great, so lets go to a place where it sucks and is a days drive away...TSA style.

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