Tuesday, September 10, 2013


What gleeful BS do I have to report today? Fished the lower Gallatin so you know if I'm spelling it out, it must not have been that great. Flows have come up quite a bit the last week as irrigation slows down. Why talk about it you ask? Today was my last day fishing it for awhile as Im elsewhere tomorrow and then off to the prairie for a few days after that, maybe a day or twon on it next week, but then I head to Missoula for the last two weeks of September looking for fish rising to Hecubas, Hoppers, and whatever the hell else they want to come up and eat.
Only thing I have to say on the LG is worms and clear water. Long leader, fine tippet, and stay the hell away from the deep stuff as the fish were a bit sketchy today, but still eating here and there. I am still tired, looking forward to a bunch of backseat sleeping on Thursday.

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