Sunday, September 22, 2013


Awoke today to a steady drip drip from the sky and headed south of hippy town in search of epic hatches and rising fish...the weather was right for it. Things headed for plan B right away as we were the 10th boat to the ramp and a new ramp was sought. Withe very little intimacy of the various ramps on the river, this switch to plan B was not as easy and seamless as it may have appeared. Nevertheless, I found another ramp with fewer boats and got the boats in the water with minimal, yet some hubbub.
The bugs never really came today which was disappointing as the weather was perfect for an epic Mahogany and Hecuba good time. We looked and looked, but just never found them coming off in good numbers or many fish rising very readily. After messing around with various rigs, I setteled on the double tung pt 2.5' below a couple of palsas and found plenty of fish feeding just below the surface in deep water, back eddies, and skinny riffle heads. Ended up being a very good day for us but I was left scratching my head as to why the bugs never showed up. Still beats the hell out of wondering why my lawnmower won't mow faster!

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