Monday, September 23, 2013


Went back to the well today and yes, it was dry as suspected. After a pretty good day on the river yesterday, we thought today would be similar or even better. There were still clouds around, more Tricos, but sporadic bug activity for the mots part. We did get a good rise for a few minutes on Tricos and then the wind picked up and that changed. Seemed like I was constantly switching rigs form dries, to shallow nymphs, to deep nymphs, to dry/dropper, double dries and then back again. I tied a lot of knots today. I kind of caved about 2  and decided that any self respecting fish would eat a zonker on a day like today. We found a few that agreed and it turned out to be an alright day in the end, but a lot of work was put into it by anglers and guide to make it happen. The best fish of the day ate the zonker while we were fighting a fish that had eaten the PT was a bizzare sight.
Off for a few days so headed NW of here to see my older son and to get off the grid for a few days on some rarely fished streams in that part of the state. Back to hippyville on Thursday.

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