Monday, September 30, 2013


It feels good to be home after a couple weeks on the road in western MT. I think that round marks the last of my road warrior days as my body and mind just cant handle the life of a 20 something guide anymore. Endless miles, uncomfortable beds, 3 crap meals a day, and too many nights away from the family kind of suck now. That said, it was a grand adventure and it was good to get out on some water that I don't see all the time...but I could've gone for some less wind and better dry fly fishing.
Yesterday was the last day in Missoula for me and it started out with a maddening online search for the least of the weather evils as to where we fished. I offered the dudes an out as the least of all the evils promised 30 mph winds and steady rain at our back all day. They opted for the boat rather than the hotel room so off we went to the Bitterroot. Fish were eating zonkers very well despite the weather and a heavy BWO hatch came off in the afternoon with fish up on them. We ended up getting a very nice brown early on so the pressure and motivation was light by that time of the day. The fish was in the 22-24 inch range, fat and strong...great way to end the trip...much better than the 20pc Chicken Mcnuggets I had for dinner in Deer Lodge.

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