Saturday, September 28, 2013


Another restless night of sleep last night with visions of disappearing indicators and the steady sound of the wind ringing in my ears. I used to have those dreams of falling and waking up before I hit the ground, now I dream the boat is spinning out of control just as the anchor grabs and hold everything in place.
We fished the Bitterroot today with a steady wind of 20-30mph at our backs for a change. My angler and I yelled at each other most of the day as we couldn't hear each other in the wind, nor were we ever on the same page in terms of where the fly should be! I didn't realize how much I was bitching until about 100 yards from the boat ramp. Regardless, we brought some good fish to hand but to say we worked at it would be an understatement. So much for the dry fly fishing over here in the fall...nymphing is good though....but it's probably better in Bozo day in day out. Also, it had been busy here. One more day and back home I go!

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