Saturday, October 12, 2013


The weather this last week was much better than the week before, but honestly, this time of year I like a  little something something in the air when heading to the the river. Not too much wind nor too much snow, just a little unsettledness to it all makes for ideal fall conditions. Clouds, calm, high 40's....that is ideal for the type of fishing I like best this time of year. As things are winding down now, I will be looking for those days to call in sick on over the next few weeks.
Fished the Jefferson yesterday on my last push of the guide trip season, still have a few more trips out there, but they will be more here and there throughout the remainder of the fall. we had surprisingly good day in terms of numbers of fish yesterday, with one classic Jeff Rainbow in the 17-18" range to hand. There was a very thick Pseudo hatch mid-afternoon and we found some good fish rising, but were not able to close the deal on them. Mostly zonkers and worms, did not fish streamers much but had some grabs when we did.
I am looking forward to less rowing for awhile as the old body is officially an old body. Should be healed up and singing a different tune by Tuesday...taxes. But for this weekend...I am looking forward to picking callouses, working on fly orders, cleaning my office, paying bills, playing with my kid, watching some football, and breaking some rods down for the year!

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