Tuesday, October 08, 2013


Back in the shop this week which is a welcome change of pace. Nothing like end of season inventory and fly ordering 9 months out. Will there be Salmonflies and how will hopper fishing be? These are the questions I ponder right now. Yes and Awesome are my answers, both of which may or may not be lies.
One thing that is not a lie is that the LG was tough yesterday and we had a rattlesnake try to climb into my boat during lunch. We were able to squeak a few fish out in the soft, deep water and I did whack the snake with an oar. The snake event was more exciting than the fishing. The spawn of Satan swam across the river, he must have been attracted to the bling bling in my boat is all I can figure. After telling one of the guys to grab the net, meaning push it away with the net, the snake got serious about trying to crawl up the side of my boat. I whacked it with an oar and it disappeared only to reappear in a colied up ball floating down the river several minutes later. Ben rescued it, put it on land and then it swank back out and we all oohed and ahhed at it as we floated past it a few minutes later. One of the more bizzare things I've witnessed on the river this year. I did have a gopher swim out to my boat several years ago on the missouri and we netted it and took it back to land, but have never had a snake try to get in the boat.

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