Thursday, November 07, 2013


Flies are ordered, schedules are made, bags are packed and off to Louisiana I go in the morning for a few days of chasing Redfish and eating blackened meat of any kind. Going with Ben, Sparky, and one of Ben's friends for my first Cajun Redfish experience.
Been a longtime since me and New Orleans interacted come to think of it. The most memorable NO trip had to be in the fall of 1989, my freshman year at Texas Tech. I started drinking sometime on a Wednesday and the next thing I knew, my best friend for years is greeting me at the airport gate in NO with a thermos full of lemonade and booze. I recall jello shots, girls of questionable morality, parts of an LSU football game/weekend. "Coming to" in a pay parking lot with our doors open, hubcaps missing, and a bad headache staring into the hot Louisiana Sun is one series of events that just doesn't fade away for me, Hoping that this time might involve some mature decision making…with Sparky in charge….all will be good. I terrorized that town for 8 hours one glorious weekend testing the various theories of what happens when you eat two blue pills, something red, chew on a piece of paper and wash it all down with a type of booze that makes Everclear seem smooth, followed by some Rumple Mintz. Yes, I am an alcoholic of the recovery variety and that trip to NO kind of sealed the deal in terms of self diagnosis! I probably should have gone fishing instead of chasing girls in skirts through the French Quarter as I had no money anyway!
So, this time should run more like rental car, drive to lodge, unpack, read, eat some good food and take in some college Football. A few days on the water with friends chasing fish will be the best part of my mid-November…Hope to see you there or somewhere soon! I'll keep the news coming over the weekend!

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Yup if you relive the first part of your story you loose 4/3 of your net worth in the divorce...