Saturday, November 09, 2013


So, we arrive safe and sound in New Orleans yesterday after a30 minute or so delay circling the airport, as we waited for Obamarama to leave town. At first, I thought the municipality of NO saw my name on the flight manifest and tried to keep me out of  the parish. After a couple quick stops, we made it to where we are, had a great dinner, met with guides, talked about weather and then it got interesting. Ben started puking from food poisoning or something around 9 and rallied thought the night. I forgot my ambien so drove back to NO around 11 in search of some sleeping narcotics. Almost hit Pigzilla and drove 40 miles with my trunk open...found some drugs, slept for a couple hours.
The day today was really good, with lots of fish, some good ones and a few advenutures along the way. Redfish like to eat flies and I like fish that eat my flies. Sparky got a 15 pounder or so with a broken rod and a lost spool. I landed one that was 28 lbs, we both got some 15 lber black drum too. Forecast is solid for tomorrow too.


Anonymous said...

probably good think I was not your moral compass in history there does not involve drugs other than the drinkable kind but does involve lots of casting of a different sort of fly. they do eat in NO.

Anonymous said...

Toby. Tried to leave an AwesomeSauce for yesterday's blog, but the iPad wouldn't take it. Perhaps as well after the latest pharmacological addiction adventure, which beats all!! Glad the fishing was good. J.