Sunday, November 03, 2013


Generalities and uncommitted stances on things piscatorial have become more the standard than the exception for this angler. Just when I say something can't be…it happens. How many times have I told someone or thought to myself that there is no way a fish lives someplace only to be made to look like an idiot 3 seconds later? Sure, I get a lot of them right, but absolutes just don't make sense in the aquatic world. 
That said, there are some serious pipe dreams inspired by a generation or two of anglers out west that are just bunk. One is that all those lake fish end up below Gibbon Falls, but that really doesn't matter now that the season is over…maybe one should go find out for themselves 'cuz you never know who is full of shit and who is not. Ft. Peck Dam, Tongue, Cut Bank…someone go out and give me some misdirection as I just don't want to do it myself and misdirection is always better motivation for me than no direction at all.

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WJ said...

All of them? No. Some? Yes. Some nice ones? Yes. Peck? There are better - and equally obscure - fisheries closer to us in WY and ID. Tongue? A long drive for carp and a few smallies. Cut Bank? You tell me.