Monday, November 04, 2013


Spent most of the day back in the shop today listing to dudes tell me how awesome the Gibbon was this weekend in between trying to reconcile the price of a Sex Dungeon for 2014 in my head. Thankfully, a buddy came in the shop today and provided a couple hours of distraction and entertainment right about that time in the afternoon when a 5 hr. energy drink sounds right.
One of the things that I wondered about today is a continuation on my thoughts on those places that are more "off the grid" than not. In 2011, we had high water which made for some relatively unique situations in that there was more water in lots of little streams that normally dry up early in the summer. These are often fishable/floatable for a short window every year in between high water and no water. However, we had about 6 weeks that year, and I was able to put some windshield time to good work and fish some places that I've often wondered about. I came across two streams that particular year that are among my favorite trout streams anywhere in he region. One is known, but you should be shot if you utter it's name in the "6-Oplex"; the other really has no real name.
I'm pretty big on misdirection and lies when it comes to keeping some things close to the vest. That said, if the question is asked with a sense of an educated guess…I'm all in for divulging information as I figure if you know the question to ask…I should help with the answer if I have one. I won't be going to the Tongue, might make a Salmon run to Ft. Peck at some point, the Cut Bank is a long drive to an uncertain world full of Blackfeet, Hoots, and maybe the odd Canadian or too as well.

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