Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I've been racking my brain for something to post about that would be meaningful to the masses today. I have pretty much nothing and my brain has been ambien free for the better part of a week now. It's just that time of year during which very little is happening on the front end of living the dream of fly shop life. Sure, I've had some thoughts on rods as of late but its hard for me to not sound like a sell out when I say that the Orvis H2 966 is one badass all around junk rod. I've been thinking more about fly tying than anything else the past couple of days, which just isn't as sexy as new drag systems and refinements in fly rod resins. I've even thought about cranking out some little baetis nymphs from back in the day to sell in the shop, but then the realization that noone really cares about that bug like I do hits me and I decide to tie a few and put them in my box. I still have Redfish on my mind as well, which again means very little to most. Fishing trip stories are kind of like talking about Fantasy Football, there is general interest, but one round of story telling is usually enough for most folks. So, I'll be back in the shop tomorrow, ordering junk to make our lives on the water more successful and enjoyable, thinking more about the next time I'm on the water than the junk I take with me. Perhaps I will take up hand lining with snell hooks and Salmon Eggs…simplify things.


rimcMT said...

It's 12 degrees out and even your snell hooks and salmon eggs would ice up. I'm just here for something fishy, not expecting meaningful.

"nymphs from back in the day" is bland - you need some marketing buzzword. Call them "Artisanal Flies" and then charge $3 each ?

Anonymous said...