Thursday, January 30, 2014


It has been along arduous week filled with travels, coughs, sore throats, daddy daycare, and some, work in between. Exhaustion has been my constant companion. The good news is the bulk of the bs is taken care of now, so I can start to get back to doing what I love best. Fishing and bitching about the various punk beotches that make my fishing less fun. For example, I do not care if you wish to wade fish the Yelloestone in July...go will suck. I don't care if you just bought a $800 rod that feels more like a driver shaft than a fly rod....go get em on the spring creeks. I don't care if fish and game is understaffed and that board of outifttters is late getting paperwork like mike and just do it? Midges have been out and those greedy little salmonids that live on the slower have been showing off..make them pay! I'm going to the horn next week for some, serious fish banging regardles of what mama natura brings herself. It will be a tenkara Timmy festival for the ages...I am too lazy to cast a nymph rig in the winter these days.

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